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Earth Day: Spotlight on Sustainable Fashion

Updated: Jul 9

Happy Earth Day 2019!

The Clean Swap journey continues to progress me forward one small step, or better yet one small choice, at a time!

I have been sharing my Clean Swap journey with you from easy household substitutions to clean beauty; this Earth Day I want to share my favorite brands for Eco-friendly and Sustainable Fashion. There are some companies on the market who are really doing it right!

Here are my top three favorites:

Dudley Stevens:

Female founders and sisters Lauren Stephens and Kaki McGrath wanted to design a fashion forward fleece; a reinvention of an old classic if you will! Not only is this company woman-owned and fashion forward, which in and of itself sparks my recent obsession, Dudley Stevens is also a brand committed to sustainability. We all know the statistics or have seen the videos about the amount of single use plastic items that make it into the oceans. We know that we can all do our part to reduce the amount of single use plastics we consume, but what I appreciate about companies like Dudley Stevens is how they have approached the problem. Yes, our plastic consumption is rampant but how can we solve this problem and use the materials in a way that people will then consume (again) and keep for a much longer period of time? Insert Sustainable Fashion. Sustainable style brands like Dudley Stevens help to protect the planet and create timeless pieces and styles that are a wardrobe must have. Dudley Stevens is celebrating an Earth Day milestone having recently announced that as a company they have repurposed over 1 Million plastic water bottles! Also, all #DSGoods are now being shipped in reusable, recyclable mailers created from 100% recycled materials.

This is absolutely a company I can support, recommend, and be excited about!


I have a confession: I have never been able to walk gracefully in heels. I wish I could. I really want to be like one of those girls who can dress up an outfit with the cutest heels and comfortably walk around all day. That is just not me and it never has been. I am a flats girl through and through but not all flats are cute. Rothy’s flats are a game changer.

Rothy’s is another company dedicated to creating a fashionable solution to the single use plastic problem. All Rothy’s shoes are made from repurposed waterbottles, 25 million and counting. Rothy’s uses plastics, like single use water bottles, and chips them down into little plastic flakes. Then, the flakes are pressed into tiny pellets, which are turned into spools of thread. The new plastic thread is 3D woven into every pair of Rothy’s shoes!

From the Rothy’s Website:

“Every minute, one million water bottles are sold internationally. Yikes. In 2020, it’s estimated that half a trillion (yep, that’s trillion with a “t”) will be sold yearly. And to make matters worse, on a global level 91% of plastic is not recycled.
There you have it. Shoes made from 100% post-consumer water bottles that make for great conversation starters with family, friends and even strangers. Think of it as reducing your carbon footprint by rocking shoes that have major soul. When you slip on a pair of Rothy’s you are helping out the environment one step at a time. And it looks and feels oh-so good.”

Are they comfortable? Take my word for it: I’m a teacher so I am on my feet all day and

Rothy’s are the most comfortable wear-all-day flats I own. BONUS: Rothy’s are machine washable!

Please use my friends and family link to treat yourself (and the Planet) to a Sustainable fashion upgrade today!


Athleta is a certified B-Corporation in the GAP family. I am all about B-Corporations because the business model values People, Profit, and Planet equally in all business decisions. B-Corporations use business as a force for good. Athleta athletic and athleisure clothing are made from 98% recycled materials and as a B-Corp Athleta is working to be part of the global sustainability solution.

Wait, tell me more:

I believe in doing my part to make small daily decisions that help reduce my own carbon footprint. I also believe in supporting companies who make it their mission to improve some of the environmental problems we are creating. When companies make it their mission to practice sustainable business models it comes at a cost to them. Unfortunately, it is not cheap to do things right. While the price point for some of these sustainable brands might be high, I believe it is worth the investment because not only am I supporting a business model that is trying to do the right thing for all, but I am helping in that endeavor and have received a quality lasting product.

Let’s all consider our global impact on this Earth Day and join me in making small conscious daily clean swaps! Small changes add up to a big difference.

Note: I have borrowed some verbiage and content from the respective websites so if you would like to learn more then please go visit! All opinions in this post are my own.



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